Drilling & Far Beyond ......


Based on a comprehensive analysis of current problems and long-term oil and gas industry (30 years) experience by our Principle in leading the company's employees on gas-condensate and oil fields in Russia, China and Ukraine, We offer a modern high-performance, environmentally safe chemicals and complex technology application for a stable, reliable operation of the wells and equipment in the oil and gas industry.

Increased productivity and output of production wells from inactive stock and increase the service life of system equipment for transportation of hydrocarbons, we have Unique services as below:-

1. Restoration of Plugged & Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells through our State of Art Technology.

2. Preserve and enhance existing screening rates of hydrocarbons from the oil fields.

3. Reduce material, labor and financial costs during the repair of equipment used in transportation, mining and processing of hydrocarbons.

4. Increase the final sample rate of hydrocarbons from the producing fields.

5. Increase service life and reduce the cost of fuel for compression plants gas-pumping stations.

6. Reduce operating costs for the preparation of gas supply to the gas transportation system.


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